30 September 2004

Constructus - The Ziggurat

"A cyber fairytale from the mind of Waddy Jones, this unique package set includes hardcover 88 page graphic novel with soundtrack cd, plus a bonus black cd to DOWNLOAD.... They call it ‘boom bam’ - a futuristic blend of hiphop and electronica with hard-hitting beats, cutting-edge electronica, virtuoso scratch solos and the craziest rhymes you ever heard. And that's just the soundtrack to the story. hiphop where no man has gone before... FILE UNDER: far out, man!" - African Dope, the South African label [more info and to purchase]

UPDATE: Although this 2002 album is no longer shared at African Dope, you can still hear this album here. The chameleon Waddy Jones went on to be many more characters, including Max Normal, MaxNormal.TV, and then "Ninja" in parody group Die Antwoord.

21 September 2004


When was the last time you visited the ndorphin netlabel? Did you know they are now up to 15 releases? Amazing and delicious!

Hurray for free netlabels! Hey, while you are at it, have you visited Comfort Stand recently?

20 September 2004

Oddball Auditorium to Go Offline

Heard through Weirdomusic and Rummage through the Crevices that the Oddball Auditorium is scheduled to go offline at the end of this month, September 2004. Sad news, as John really had a special thing there. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it again soon. Full story...

If you have bandwidth available to host the Oddball Auditorium, please contact the OA via the website.

16 September 2004

Annetenna - self-titled CD

download this free CD
Annetenna - self-titled CD [2001]
Recorded for Columbia Records, but shelved by the record company. Annetenna made the entire album, including artwork, available for free download.

taste: This Is Not a Love Song - Extraordinary

Only four years late on this one, but perhaps we missed it together? Not a genre we follow perhaps? You probably knew their earlier incarnation, Ednaswap. Betting you do remember their song Torn, as Natalie Imbruglia scored a major hit with her cover. This sound familiar? "I'm all out of faith. This is how I feel. I'm cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor... You're a little late, I'm already torn." [Annetenna's acoustic version live on Howard Stern Show]

Their Flash site offers the entire CD, artwork and grungy tracks from their Ednaswap CDs. The great fansite operated by Joshua and Jeremy Provost, operators of 727 Records is the place to visit, however, for information. They provide bios, articles, discography, songlist and the likes, including reviews from the good folk of Pathetic Caverns [hi there!]. If you have diffuculties with the zipped CD artwork (because of truncated names all being the same), you can download smaller versions of the art at the fansite.

15 September 2004


Marc and Chris have a fabulous radio show, SquaresCubed. Every week, they bring you an hour of the finest music legally and freely available on the Internet. Hear the show live or listen to archived shows. Their great playlists are even linked to the artists' source sites. This, friends, is why I love the Internet.

14 September 2004

Beautiful CD from Confused Man

The fantastic sofasound netlabel now offers a beautiful downtempo release by Confused Man. Feeling in the most mellow, loving mood tonight, so this is a perfect fit. Downloading it for tomorrow's roadtrip. [stream hi - stream lo]

Thanks to Phlow, the good people who bring you the NetLabel Catalogue for the clue on this one.

13 September 2004

Oh right, Mondays!

Mondays were new content days at the old site. How about some new content at the new site? Alrighty then! There is a new page of fantastic sites waiting for you. One of the sites was recommended by Fingertips.com, a marvelous free music resource.

If you'd like to hear tunes spinning here and preview some from the new fantastic sites, then please indulge in this new playlist. [stream]

09 September 2004

Japan and Okinawa

Hiroshige printsounds of Japan and Okinawa: for lost friends

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Big Blue Marble

kids rock!
Big Blue Marble: kids rock! a growing list of kids making music

If you were a kid in the 1970s and early 1980s, you may remember an internationally syndicated TV program called BIG BLUE MARBLE. The "Dear Pen Pal" feature of the show gave children the opportunity to correspond by mail with children in other countries of the world. Many of those kids are still writing to one another today.

The Big Blue Marble soundtrack of songs sung by kids was released on A&M Records in 1974. Here is an ancient page with some show details that I put together in 1994.

In short, kids rock! Here are kids all over the marble making music of their own! [stream]

Know more cool kids' music on the web? Please post your link in the comments. Thanks!

Deep House Archives

Two favorite collections from the Deep House Archives are still in overplay here. These two by Steve Z are road trip standards. Many thanks to dha's Steve and Ted for managing to keep these collections online all these years.

meltin' pot      feeling in the living + more sets
- MELTIN' POT mixed by steve z
seventies jazz-funk, soul-jazz & funky fusion
- FEELING IN THE LIVING mixed by steve z
60s & 70s european jazz-dance

"the deep house archives (d.h.a) is a web project devoted to the cross-morphing between techno, house, and jazz. focusing on deep house, newschool beats & rare groove, d.h.a will present the freshest underground dance music from all four corners of the world." -dha website

If you have the server space and bandwidth, considering supporting these folks to be the hero who gets all the Deep House Archives back up and running. Keep on dancing!