30 September 2004

Constructus - The Ziggurat

"A cyber fairytale from the mind of Waddy Jones, this unique package set includes hardcover 88 page graphic novel with soundtrack cd, plus a bonus black cd to DOWNLOAD.... They call it ‘boom bam’ - a futuristic blend of hiphop and electronica with hard-hitting beats, cutting-edge electronica, virtuoso scratch solos and the craziest rhymes you ever heard. And that's just the soundtrack to the story. hiphop where no man has gone before... FILE UNDER: far out, man!" - African Dope, the South African label [more info and to purchase]

UPDATE: Although this 2002 album is no longer shared at African Dope, you can still hear this album here. The chameleon Waddy Jones went on to be many more characters, including Max Normal, MaxNormal.TV, and then "Ninja" in parody group Die Antwoord.

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