25 December 2004

Mark Harp [1957-2004]

With profound sadness for the sudden loss of Mark Harp, the following entry from the archives is presented once more. Please enjoy Mark's musical legacy.

On page one of his site, you learn that Mark Harp is "a Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Earth based musician, guitarist, web geek, theater sound designer, sampler musician, songwriter and composer, nutbar, website and graphic designer, bass guitarist, producer, director, arranger, bon vivant, unemployable dirt eater, Clark Bar enthusiast, ex-IMAX projectionist, actor, retired paperboy, SubGenius Pope, AND The King Of Peru."

Know what? It is all true! Well, the King of Peru bit is sketchy, but he certainly is one super duper cool musician. Mark is so cool, in fact, that he is currently offering you, yes you, 24 hours of his music for free. Goodness gracious! No fooling!

In addition, Mark has work available online with his current bands. Those include the Motor Morons, a long-time Baltimore standard you have to see to believe, the experimental band Kunigunda, and ....

WCVT was once my lifeline, so 6PM is one of my favorite hours of recordings, so is 12AM, the Cabal EP. Sinking teeth into all his more experimental material these days.

Oddiophiles will love love love this man. Thank you and hats off to Mark Harp. Baltimore sure is lucky to have him and so are we!

Mark Harp created two pieces for the Oddio Overplay site - John Leslie and Oddio Overplay Theme. Enjoy 24 hours of his music through his site, plus other offerings on his bands' sites. Mark leaves the world music.

From bandmate Dave Z:

We are musicians. We have lost one of our own. The pain of that loss will never leave us. We play music because we love to play. If Mark could have jumped out of that hospital bed to do a guitar solo he would have done it. Well we are playing Tuesday night 12/28 with some great bands. The Fishnet Stalkers and The Static and possibly others. Come pay your respects and have a beer or two. Celebrate life. Show starts between 9 and 10 pm so come early and stay late!

THE BAND PLAYS ON. Come out and prove there is life after death. See Chelsea Graveyard perform at The Talking Head [Baltimore, Maryland, USA] Tuesday Night 12/28. All proceeds will go to Mark's funeral expenses so please stop by.

From Patricia Mitchell, organizer of the Mark Harp Memorial Fund:

The Mark Harp Memorial Fund is now ready to accept donations. In lieu of flowers, please encourage folks to make a donation as follows:

(1) People may mail checks made payable to Mark Harp Memorial Fund to: Mark Harp Memorial Fund, c/o Patricia Mitchell, PO Box 50206, Baltimore, MD 21211;

(2) People may mail checks made payable to Mark Harp Memorial Fund to: Mark Harp Memorial Fund, c/o Provident Bank, 4806 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210. **If donations are sent this way, they MUST be accompanied by a note that references account # 5830249**; or

(3) People may make a donation in person at any Provident Bank by making a deposit to account # 5830249.

The account at Provident charges no fees, so 100% of the donations will go to defray the costs of the cremation and the wake and to help Kim and Mark's family through this time.


News 12.29.04:

Baltimore Sun Obituary and Guestbook

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