02 December 2004

December Brings Winter Music

SnaildarthaEnjoy the season, whether you celebrate holidays or not! Nearly all of the seasonal traditions for this time of year are based on earlier cultures, such as Roman [Saturnalia] and Pagan [Yule Tide]. No kidding - decorated trees, wreaths, mulled wine, the works. So, everybody have fun and celebrate your season your way! [You lucky friends in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy that summer, too!]

This month, the Oddio Overplay site features seasonal releases that are available for your review online. Additionally, more are slated to be posted here.

Let's get that ball rolling. Shall we?


:: Snaildartha - Jerry the Christmas Snail
a beatnik soul-jazz extravaganza

:: DJ Riko - my favorite mixes
Merry Mixmas 2003 + Merry Mixmas 2002

:: Bell Sisters with Spike Jones
the sisters perform "Socko The Smallest Snowball" and "Barnyard Christmas" in 1952

:: Bacanal Intruder - Shake the Christmas Tree EP
excellent EP of electronica

:: Charity EP from Park Studios
a winter holiday and friendship project

:: Randy's Rodeo
xmas treats galore

:: Christmas at Disneyland
sounds from the park

:: Christmas Folks Songs
Christmas music sung in a variety of languages. Search on Christmas in California Gold: Folk Music from the Thirties, 1938-1940.

:: Georgia & August Greenberg - Sing Songs for You and Me!
has Georgia singing "Snow Is Falling" and August singing "Jingle Bells"


:: ** ZEFRANK's kaleidoscopes 2D and 3D snowflake generator

:: Raman Pfaff's original snowflake designer

:: Pointers for paper snowflakes

:: Pointers for paper stars

:: Make-a-Flake
[mine is 5119719 in the gallery]

:: Free Snowflake Fonts
from Chank - Spunkflakes
from P22 - P22 Snowflakes

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