11 June 2009

The Caterpillar

Odland - The Caterpillar
Ödland - The Caterpillar (aer018) 2009
delicate, French, acoustic, 19th century
piano, strings, ukulele, toys, female voice

"Ödland is a French folk band with a modern spirit, never slave of a particular style, but inspirited by the 19th Century. They are in love with classical music, american ragtime and romanticism. Ödland is an entirely acoustic project." -- official website

"Lorenzo Papace was born the 15th january 1986 in Lyon. He started to learn classical piano at the age of 4. Since 2001, he joined many musical groups, with an orchestra or with bands. At december 2008, he decided to make his own musical project, entirely acoustic. At january 2009, started the first Ödland group repetitions. Lorenzo called upon Alizée Bingöllü, actress, with whom he already realized some short movies. Alizée is the Ödland voice. Isabelle Royet-Journoud is a photographer, and wished to explore other creation territories. She is playing ukulele and creating sounds environments with toys and little things. Léa Bingöllü is a violonist, and was immediatly attracted by Ödland's world." -- Aerotone

"We called it The Caterpillar, which is the first song title, because we find it is a proclamation of our thoughts, and of our style. There are discontinuities in it, and very different environments. This song, as other coming, is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, in the Lewis Carroll original work. There is in these 5 tracks a lot a variations between romanticism and ragtime, and we are charmed to propose this diversity for a first production." -- myspace

08 June 2009

YouTube Music Mashup

Oh hell yes, children! Kutiman is blowing minds with his tunes composed of audio and video samples from YouTube. He has seven built, and an eighth video where he demonstrates his method. He is calling his excellent project Thru You, and you are gonna love it!

Many thanks to Steve K in the old M-D!