30 August 2007

Totally Gnarly and Totally Free Surf

Still in a surf mood at the end of summer, so here are some of the best free surf releases available at the Internet Archive. Some cross over into rockabilly, lounge and garage rock. Surf's up, dude!
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein - The Cursed Tapes
Monsters From Mars
Monsters From Mars - Play Some Surf Guitar
Original Onions
Original Onions - Grill Skills
Prostitutes - Live at Porto-Rio
Surf Guitar 101 v 1
Surf Guitar 101 - Members Comp vol 1
Surf Guitar 101 v 2
Surf Guitar 101 - Members Comp vol 2
Pharaos - The New Pharaos EP
Casbah Instro-Surf Special
The Casbah Instro-Surf Special (old and new)
Diamondheads and Others - Mark Harp 9AM


28 August 2007

Let's Go Surfin' Now!

SurfWas looking back through old posts from two years ago, and found that the links for all but two artists on this surf compilation are still live. End of summer is a great time for it! Enjoy this one from the archives, slightly updated....

Surf compilation. I recently put together a fun surf comp for a girlfriend in Vienna. It was made up of surf and Western style guitar tracks that have been made available by artists online. I've bought most of the CDs included on it, so I can vouch for them.

[site] 01 - The Diamondheads - Big Daddy Dirtpile
[site] 02 - The Penetrators - Checkpoint Echo
[site] 03 - DeadBolt - Blacktop Fever
[site] 03 - The Stingrays [Germany] - Pipeline
[site] 04 - Big Ray & The Futuras - Horrorscope
[site] 05 - Mofos [featuring Willie B] - Supercharged on Alcohol
[site] 06 - The Del-Vamps - Faraway Places [oops! cut off end]
[site] 07 - The Diamondheads - Dented Fender
[site] 08 - Mofos [featuring Willie B] - Ciente de EspaƱol a Juan
[site] 09 - The Astroglides [Israel] - The Man With The Golden Reverb
[site] 09 - The Tornadoes - Bustin' Surfboards (used in Pulp Fiction)
[site] 10 - The Astroglides [Israel] - Dark Surf
[site] 10 - The Tornadoes - The Tornado
[site] 11 - Archie Thompson - Swami's
[site] 12 - Mark Harp - Malibu Snacks
[site] 13 - Big Ray & The Futuras - Sputnik
[site] 14 - The Boss Martians - A-Bone
[site] 15 - The Penetrators - Deception Bay
[site] 16 - The Penetrators - Another Time, Another Place
[site] 17 - Brazil 2001- Girl From Orange County
[site] 18 - The Suburban Vamps - The Surf Vamps
[site] 19 - Mofos - Spy in Yer Eye
[site] 20 - The Manatees - Mendoza [live]
[site] 21 - Cheesy Vernix [Mark Harp] - Night Surf
[site] 22 - The Diamondheads - Waving
[site] 23 - The Mermen - Apache [live]
[site] 24 - Archie Thompson - El Dorado
[site] 25 - The Malibooz - Firestorm at Surfrider

Check out these artists! Go play in the sunshine!

23 August 2007

Dozen Delivery

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra - two albums [rock, fun]
The Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet - Nfamoudou Boudougou CD[free jazz]
Shake that Little Foot string band - 16 song release [old-timey, bluegrass, Celtic]
Humanite - Mad Tonal Talents [dnb, glitch, downtempo]
Arctic - selections from official website [radioheady, acoustic, prog]
Nest - self-titled release [piano, mod compos]
The Sci-Phonics - Rock n Roll Dance Party [rockabilly, honkeytonk]
Christian Björklund - Skåpmat EP[downtempo, dub, soundtrack]
F.D. Project (Frank Dorittke) - Mare Tranquillitatis[space, ambient]
radio SSB - And Right Now release from Japan [see their Greenpeace video][dance, synth]
Mr Roy - Outsourced EP (and the rest of the Debun.de catalog!)[techno, electro]
Roadrunner Records, music throughout site [metal, hard rock]

09 August 2007

Doctor's Dozen

Prescription: free and legal releases and collections
Dosage: your newest set of 12
Indications: inject into ears
Additional: please read artist info and purchase more as needed

Koolarrow Records - official website
[hard rock, pop, latino, chill]

Self - official site (many CDs), bio
[pop, rock, electro]

MC Hawking - official website
[nerdcore, hiphop]

Aleksi Virta - ...Space Lounge
[electronic, jazz, soul, dub, bossa, space]

Aluminum Group - official site
[pop, synth, electro]

American Werewolf Academy

VA - Forró at HotSurfers
[forró, Brazilian, folk]

Daghoti. - How Tall Is Robin Gibb?

Etage Noir Recordings - website freebies (don't miss the remixes, too)
[electronica, jazz, downtempo]

The Drones (Australia) - official site (bio)
[rock, garage, psychobilly]

The Jennifers - The Covers Project (and other selections, very XTC)
[pop, rock]

The Luminescent Orchestrii - official website
[gypsy, klezmer, Balkan, folk]