30 November 2004

Hello World!

Due to technical difficulties, things fell into disrepair a bit in November. Getting back on top of the game now! Still hundreds of messages behind, and the poor site needs much love. Thanks for your patience. Good stuff in the works.

14 November 2004

Come and Get Your Love

For a limited time, some episodes of the 52 Weeks project will be available. Every week in 2004 Jan Turkenburg in The Netherlands has shared a set of rare recordings not available in stores. These sets are often introduced by the artist him/her/themselve(s), and typically lean towards Dutch culture. It is material the rest of the world otherwise would most likely never hear. It has been a remarkable year!

Nearing the end of the project, Jan is hosting episodes now temporarily available.

Week 21 - Tom Erich and His Orchestra: musical world-tour
[back online for about a week]

In the archive you can see which 52 Week downloads are online at this moment. Only the weeks marked with *** will remain online after the project is finished. Chance of a lifetime for these recordings!

11 November 2004

The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.

The November issue of Wired magazine with the free to sample CD is out! Artists include Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Gilberto Gil, Thievery Corporation, Le Tigre, Cornelius and many others.

"These musicians are saying that true creativity needs to be open, fluid, and alive. When it comes to copyright, they are pro-choice. Here are 16 songs that encourage people to play with their tunes, not just play them."

- WIRED magazine, November issue (get the CD free with your copy, on newsstands now)

07 November 2004

Weirdomusic.com now has a netlabel!

WM Recordings
The beloved Weirdomusic.com has just launched a netlabel, WM Recordings. Marco, the operator of Weirdomusic, is assisted by Jan Turkenburg and Ton Ruckert. All three gentlemen are also Comfort Stand recording artists, and each created an Oddio Overplay theme song.

"WM Recordings is a netlabel operating from Heerlen, the Netherlands. WM Recordings brings you music that is a little 'different.' We do not specialize in one style, but instead bring you exciting sounds that you're not likely to find anywhere else. Everything you find on WM Recordings is free, so take as much as you like."

The netlabel opens with two releases. The first is a collection titled WATER, WIND AND SAILS, and is released in conjunction with Turkenburg's 52 Weeks. Week 18 of 52 was a radio program with the sea as its theme. Turkenburg invited listeners to contribute their own musical pieces to create a water CD. The release flows across genres from bluegrass to the avant garde. A track that instantly won my heart was De Zwervende Keien's "Camille's Aquarium," a brief rendition of Camille Saint-Saens's (1835-1921) "Aquarium" from his CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS (1886).

The second release follows along the water theme, as well. It is RAIN by favorite French mixmaster Chenard Walcker. He is a prolific artist and tends to explore in all directions when he undertakes a project. Guessing that this set is in addition to his two tracks on WATER, WIND AND SAILS. When composing a mix for an Oddio Overplay site theme, Walcker also branched out and created an entire CD of additional material.

Super excited and grateful that WM Recordings has sprouted. Here's to it blossoming as the years pass.

01 November 2004

Big City Orchestra

The Big City Orchestra Smirky project is coming to a close. All featured mp3's will be taken down after the USA presidential election, Tuesday 2 November 2004. The group is also considering removing projects from the past four years, so be sure to check out their material today, such as the Consumer CD.

Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!

Comfort CakeComfort Stand celebrates its first birthday today, the one year anniversary of being online, by providing free music and sharing the love. On this glorious occasion, the netlabel's artists have baked a Comfort Cake of fun music. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday!
Oddio Overplay celebrates the Comfort Stand birthday with a collection of nearly 100 birthday tracks from all over the web. Happy Birthday, Comfort Stand!