28 October 2004

Munster Beat!

Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket - Munster Beat!
Martinibomb and the Coconut Monkeyrocket join forces this scary season to bring you their spin on the theme of the Munsters television show! It arrives just in time for all the DJs and party hosts to work it into their ghoulish mixes.

26 October 2004

WFMU Record Fair

November 5-7, 2004 WFMU Record Fair comes around again!

WFMU's Record Fairs have grown into the stuff of legends, with more wonderful recordings available under one roof than pretty much anywhere else in the world. And from now on, it happens only once a year! That's right, this is your last opportunity until Fall of 2005 to feast on the bounty of more than 200 dealers from across the globe, each one specializing in one or more of the joyously esoteric genres that WFMU's transmitter belts out 24-7.

To wit, if your aural cravings include hard to find Rock, Soul, Experimental, Electronic, Psych, Jazz, Garage, Folk, Minimal Synth, Funk, Latin, Comedy, Country, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Old Timey, Girl Groups, Hippy Noise, Punk, Breakcore, Electro-Acoustic, Reggae, Pop, Soundtracks or Micronesian Doo Wop, you can't afford to not make an appearance!

And when you're not shopping, you can soak up the sights and sounds of live performances from Isaiah Owens, The Super Karaoke Fun Time Band, and WFMU's own Laura Cantrell! And once again, the A/V Lounge will be back in effect featuring tons of weirdo music videos and more intimate live performances from Alvaro (The Singing Nose), 3Puen, Mumbleboy, plus a screening of the new Ramones documentary, End of the Century! See the complete Record Fair entertainment schedule!

We are organizing an NYC Get-Together loosely based around the WFMU Record Fair. Date, time and location to be determined by invited guests. Contact for more details. See you at the fair!

New Content

Another new page featuring great sites for great sounds. Listen, love and support, y'all.

19 October 2004

Ghouls with Attitude

Spooky spooky!
Otis Fodder has done it again! He has prepared a spooktacular Halloween mix of the rare and haunting to put a fright into your holiday. Retrolicious has devilishly provided hosting. The cover art for the 2-CD collection is the bewitching work of Suzanne Baumann, creator of Fridge Magnet Concoctions and head honcho for the art departments of both The 365 Days Project and Comfort Stand Recordings. The web work was left to Oddio Overplay to prepare a ghoulish delight. Visit soon to see what other fiends were involved in this endeavor, as the whole frightful affair turns into a pumpkin after October 31st. Happy Halloween and Happy Listening!

[Internet Explorer recommended for capturing the ghouls]

01 October 2004

October Tunes in Overplay

Autumn is upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Tunes in Overplay v.10.04 awaits you with the warm aromas of apple crisp, mulling wine, cinnamon, baking bread and visions of pumpkins and colorful leaves. Here's hoping you get out there and enjoy those Oktoberfests and Harvest Fests, dear friends.

Let's Celebrate!

To celebrate World Vegetarian Day and the Fois Gras Victory in California this week, there is a new selection of super sites posted at Oddio Overplay! Yay! Have a happy day!