27 August 2004

Tofu Hut

You know Tofu Hut, right? It is my favorite music blog. The Hut is operated by John - a charming, shining star. Here is his call on his gig:

For the past several months, I've been sending out a mix CD collection with an arbitrary and offbeat theme (previous mixes include "songs by children", "songs with the word "f*ck" in the title", "songs that start with the letter B by artists whose names start with the letter B", "embarrassing music to listen to at the gym", "spider music" and our last compilation, "acapella tracks"). These CD's are sent to Tofu Hut listeners who are granted a scant few days to listen to the CD and then email me a track by track review of the mix. Then I post their reviews UNCUT, UNCENSORED and UNEDITED (but peppered with my own smartass comments and observations in italics) along with the tracks in question. It's like listening to a mix CD with a bunch of friends... only you don't have to have any friends... except me. And I'm already your friend! Yay! Get it? Got it? Good!

How cool is that? AND you get his music research, as well as friendly and intelligent info about the scene and about his own world in NYC. His enthusiasm for all things musical is absolutely endearing. OH, AND he is a great guy that you just have to hug and hang with when in NYC.

Enjoy his blog and send him some love! Send some extra for me, too, okay?